Constitution of the State of Minnesota:

“Government is instituted for the security, benefit and protection of the people.” As your next State Senator, I take these words very seriously. Leadership means stepping in and taking action when its citizens are being harmed, buildings are burning, businesses are being destroyed, neighborhoods are ransacked and cars are stolen. Our men and women in blue are doing all they can to protect the streets even though they have been ridiculed and devalued by many. Defunding the police has proven to be another extreme approach that has failed Minnesotans. Minnesota can and must do better.

It is time that we secure our communities and stop the “arrest and release” policy that is happening today. We can and must do better for our families. This year carjackings are out of control, car-related thefts are up 94.7% in Minnetonka alone. Let’s put our community’s safety first by supporting our lawful men and women in uniform. Crime has consequences. 

Under my opponent’s watch, we have seen crime soar to new levels while those protecting us are being defunded and devalued. 

As your next State Senator, I will write policy that establishes accountability for those that are committing the crimes. Many of the car-related thefts occurring are by those under the age of 18. Let’s protect them from themselves and bring back safe and educational facilities for kids committing these crimes to encourage a new path for themselves while securing our communities. 

It is time to get back to the basics. Our children are falling behind; test scores prove this to be true. We can and must do better. It is imperative that we strengthen the partnership between parents and teachers, we allow for transparency in the classroom, and prepare our children for great career paths post graduation. Let’s bring back vocational training which will allow for prideful employment and outstanding career opportunities. 

We need to let our children be children. Grant them the grace of innocence and allow them to receive an education that is packed full of the A, B, C’s and the 1, 2, 3’s. Now is the time that we need to acknowledge that we may not agree on everything, but we must come together for our children’s sake.

The pandemic created a situation where computers and tablets were relied upon as necessary tools to help educate our children. Today, Psychologists have concerns that too much screen time can cause depression and other mental health challenges. The health and safety of our children comes first. It is imperative that we establish screen time limits in the classroom that are consistent with pediatric health professionals’ guidance by age and grade level.

The mental health of our children is paramount. Understanding positive mental health outcomes is a multitiered endeavor. A start is to provide counselors that support our children in the schools. 

As your next State Senator, I will support and advocate for legislation that brings back vocational education in our schools. I will ensure transparency exists in the classroom and author policies, with the direction of pediatric health care providers, that establishes safe screen time limits based on age and grade. I will also support legislation that provides access to a school counselor. 

Inflation is rising and out of control. The cost of energy is high, and a trip to the grocery store leaves many feeling the stretch. We need policies that ease the squeeze on our hardworking families. A robust economy means we are creating jobs that afford us the opportunity to care for ourselves and our families.

Burdensome taxes are driving many hard-working families out of our beautiful state. Minnesota’s income taxes are among the highest in the country. It is time to stop the over-taxation and let hard working Minnesotans decide how best to spend their income. 

If our wallets are empty, we don’t feel secure. Let’s eliminate reckless government spending and make life more affordable for Minnesotans.

As your next State Senator, I will promote lowering the income tax, eliminating the Social Security tax, and ending the unsustainable rise in property taxes.

Life lessons are better than those read in a textbook. We need to promote policies that support and value our Seniors. I will write and promote policies that protect Seniors from abuse and neglect in senior living facilities, provide extra protections from financial exploitation, and support Seniors’ ability to live independently in their home. I will also push to finally eliminate all state tax on Social Security income in Minnesota.

As your next State Senator, I will sign legislation that eliminates State Social Security Tax once and for all and support legislation that protects Seniors from abuse and neglect.  

Supporting our business community is key to the vitality of our state. They employ our neighbors and provide stability to our communities. I recognize that putting reckless pressures on businesses will cause them to fail.

As your next State Senator, I will promote solutions to get our state back on track. This is achieved by: ending the mandates that have created disturbances in the supply chain, making being employed attractive again, and letting the clean, reliable, and affordable energy flow. 

I will be an advocate for local business; and encourage the creation of new small businesses in our community and across this great state.

Let’s inspire those in high school to learn more about the trades. I will advocate for policies that bring back vocational education to the high schools, promote pre-apprenticeship learning, and bring back work programs that allow education through on-the-job training for course credit. Let’s partner with our local businesses to help promote this great career path.

As your next State Senator, I will promote technical training, foster trade awareness and partner with local businesses to establish trade experiences. I will support legislation to bring technical training back to the schools. 

Our homeland provides what we need to be energy independent and advance us into a cleaner future. Let’s use our resources wisely and not rely on countries that have little-to-no regard for the environment or human labor laws. Let’s deliver affordable, reliable, clean energy to our communities while being responsible stewards of the environment. We must keep advancing to promote new technologies for the future. I am proud to be supported by leaders that continue to reduce carbon emissions. 

As your next State Senator, I look forward to working with energy leaders that promote investments in new technologies and give back to our communities through their time and talents. To a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.

Let’s protect one of the most precious bodies of water in our state, Lake Minnetonka. With 125 miles of shoreline that spans for 14,000 acres of surface water, I believe it is important to implement policies that protect our waters. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy so many beautiful waterways.

As your next State Senator, I will be the voice to ensure we protect them all.


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